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To the Central Pattaya Dental Team.

I do not mind at all to reply to your request. I have only good things to say. Your operation of the practice is very good. I was well looked after by your staff. Many dental centres here in New Zealand could learn about customer service which I experienced in Thailand. Overhere there seems to be an attitude of indifference towards the patient. It was a pleasure to have my teeth repaired at your Centre. Although I will be returing in Mar2012 to have crowns fitted to my implants, I would like to give a special thankyou to Dr Chris Ko and his staff. I feel very fortunate to have been his patient. He is without a doubt the best dentist I have had in my life and I will always return to Thailand and your Centre to have my teeth attended to. I have recommended to many of my friends to go to your Centre to have their teeth attended to. I am sorry that I can not†provide any suggestions to how you could improve your operation†
because I am a totally satisfied client. Again many thanks and I look forward to seeing the staff at Pattaya Central Dental Centre March 2012.

Kind Regards..
Colin Hague



Hello and thank you for asking me
I am very pleased with the serviced you provided me with.I highly†recommend you clinic.
I have only one question, I feel a little pain in a molar tooth that you filled when I chew something hard,I didn?t have that pain before, I don?t†know†if it?s related with the treatment or not,†Do you have any counsel for that? Otherwise I am very satisfy with the service you provided and I would definitely go to your clinic again if I need it.

Thank you
Best regards



thanks for your email , regarding your† staff, i think the moment† you walk through the door† you are welcomed by your receptionist, dentist and clinical staff are wonderful , i do not have much time whilst i am in pattaya and you schedule my dental work when i arrive, which i appreciate very much, i get the dental work done in the time† and then off to travelling thailand or†se asia. and back to australia† and guess what†† next year† i will be back again† in pattaya in july 2012†for 2 days for prelimenary dental work for my bridge then off to china for 8 days then back to pattaya to finish the bridge† i will certainly book an appointment† for the july visits†††† around march 2012 when i have my itinery finalized†† sorry i cannot give you any suggestions† as i think i find staff and facilities very good††††††††

looking forward to seeing you all again next year††

kind regards†††

ray wend



I was extremely impressed by the service, dentist, clinic staff and atmosphere.† I have recommended the center to several people since returning to Australia and am sure they will be as pleased as me with everything.† The only suggestion I could make would be to have water or cold drink available.




Keep everything the same as it is.
The service, dentist, staff and clinic's atmosphere was great.
Iím looking forward to my next visit. Everything about Thailand was great.

Thanks for everything



Thanks for the great service.† Everything was fine.† No long waiting, nice staff and very comfortable office.
I will be back for good cleanings on my next visit.


7 Days without God makes one weak!


Dear Dr. Kris, Kathie & all the staff,
To be honest with you, I canít think of any suggestions that could improve the level of service you all gave me. So this email is more like a thank you. You all did an amazing job.
Not just from a professional point of view, but you all made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you for organizing the hotel etc. and providing rapid responses to any questions I had prior to my arrival in Pattaya.
Again, Thank you all very very much for everything. I will be more than happy to recommend your services and clinic to those whom I know and have no hesitation in returning to Pattaya to use your service in the future.
Until we meet again, Thank you very much and Please take care of yourselves.



i was totally pleased with the professional treatment and service I received and will recommend your service to anyone visiting Pattaya and will take advantage when I next visit personally..



I'm very pleased with the work I got done while I were there you all were very nice and professional. Everyone likes my smile and I referred all my friends to visit your web-site. The dentist was friendly and explains each step of the way, how he did it, how long would it take. Everyone would appreciate a dentist like that.† The staffs were kind and offered any kind of advice you needed and the clinic were clean and cool.



Thank you for your enquiry as to my opinion and suggestions to improve your service and your business.
I have been a client of yours for only a short while and I would recommend you at all times. I have been impressed with your pain free treatment and advice to keep my dental health improving as I have further treatment on my visits to Pattaya.
I have been impressed by your attention to cleanliness and courtesy most of all.
Keep up the good work.





I would just like to write a short note to say thank you to you† and your staff .
I am very happy with the professional quality work i received at your clinic and will happily recommend your services to othersi will write to you later in the year to confirm dates and times to complete the implants .
thanks again

best regards

Kurt Marks



pattaya dental thailand, pattyadentalthailand
Central Pattaya Dental Center, Pattaya dental Thailand, Pattaya dentist Thailand, Pattayadentalthailand


Central Pattaya Dental Clinic "Dental Experts, Friendly Care" Thailand has an excellent history of providing quality healthcare to her own people and to international medical travelers.

This reputation has not developed overnight, but is the result of significant, continual investment and maintenance. From Newsweek records, we are number one medical hub in Asia. In 2006, we welcomed more than 1.5 million foreigners specifically for healthcare.

Central Pattaya Dental Clinic is proud to be part of renowned Thailand medical hub. We offer full complement of dental services with some of the latest treatment method and cutting edge care.
  Our Pattaya Dentist Team of specialists constitutes a group practice combining sub-specialty expertise and teamwork to ensure optimal, affordable and high quality dental care of our patients.

All dental instruments and dental machines are western standard. They are regularly sterilized and autoclaved to control infection. Our building is located in central of Pattaya within 1 km to the beach, 3-5 star hotels and shopping center.

When planning your next trip, include a dental stopover at Central Pattaya Dental Center. Enjoy wonderful beach and taste spicy tropical seafood with your new excellent smile at Pattaya.


Laser Tooth Whitening in Dental Pattaya Clinic

In one day we all expose our teeth to harmful substances such as coffee, soft drinks, tobacco, tea, and more. These substances leave stains that cannot easily be removed with regular brushing and dental cleanings. Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures due to its minimal time requirement and dramatic results. It is one of the safest and easiest ways to dramatically improve your smile.

Laser teeth whitening
gel are safe and results are satisfactory guarantees . Laser Teeth Whitening procedures will be performed by our amazing well experienced specialists. Laser Teeth whitening treatments at Central Pattaya Dental Center are far cheaper compared with dental treatment at the United States; we use the technology and methods of same laser teeth whitening service to give all customers satisfactory results every time.

Central Pattaya Dental Center offer not only True Laser Teeth Whitening systems through Zoom teeth whitening system, bust also offers using varieties of methods like: Bonding restorations, cosmetic ceramic veneers and even cosmetic all-ceramic crowns if the teeth are severely discoloured.

True Laser Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic dental services. It is the most cost effective teeth whitening method to whiten stained or discolored teeth to make your smile beautiful and attractive to everyone. More info


Pattaya Dental Implants

A Titanium Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth. Dental Implants are usually made from a metal called titanium, which is readily accepted by the body. Dental Implants have the look and feel of natural teeth.

A patient who is considering dental implant procedure should gather as much information as possible before treatment is commenced. The patient should have a realistic and informed opinion of what the expected results will be. More info


Central Pattaya Dental Clinic is an International group of certified cosmetic dentists in Pattaya,Thailand.You are at the right place if you are looking for the best quality dental service with the reasonable prices in Pattaya City, Thailand. Central Pattaya Dental Clinic is committed to providing the best possible dental treatment, with an emphasis on restoring patient’s natural smile through latest dental cosmetic procedures including laser teeth whitening with Diode Laser, Zoom teeth whitening system, ceramic for porcelain veneers, all-ceramic crowns, bridges, dental implants, white fillings and cosmetic denture.

If you are seeking to perfect your smile, contact us today and we will be glad to help you MAKEOVER YOUR SMILE with cosmetic pattaya dentists team. Our Pattaya Dentists will take care you for more convenient and accessible by providing high quality cosmetic dental treatments at dental prices within your reach.

We have made dental care more convenient and accessible by providing high quality cosmetic dental treatments at fees within your reach. We welcome you to experience the utmost satisfaction in all your dental needs our center has to offer. We look forward to meeting you.

Pattaya dental tourism is committed to delivering the highest level of dental service to our customers. Our pattaya dentists and dental staffs work with dental tourists travelling to Pattaya City, Thailand for extensive dental procedures. We have many years of experience helping our dental tourists get full dental make overs in Pattaya.

We only work with the most skilled dentist and dental staffs to ensure the highest level of dental service to you. We have helped thousands of dental tourists make their trips to Pattaya and successful as possible. Let us deliver the best of dental services outcome for you.

Central Pattaya Dental Center, Pattaya dental Thailand, Pattaya dentist Thailand, Pattayadentalthailand  
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Central Pattaya Dental Center, Pattaya dental Thailand, Pattaya dentist Thailand, Pattayadentalthailand